Apartment For Sale In Istanbul Guide to Turkey’s Cities

Turkey is a beautiful country, with an exquisite view of the Bosporus and stunning sea-view and mountains. Apart from some cosmopolitan centers like Ankara, there is also a presence of many sea facing cities like Bodrum and the best of both worlds in Turkey’s Istanbul. Inland cities offer the best views while landlocked cities also come with a lot of modern facilities and amenities. For those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, sea view or mountain facing homes are also available. Choose an apartment in Istanbul for sale and you can get literally anything you seek from a sea facing home to a house with the mountains as a backdrop. But there are so many cities than just apartment for sale in Istanbul to choose from.

Inland Cities

Ankara is the Turkish capital. It is the second largest city of this country, and the seat of diplomacy and government. It is also a university town with a large, massive student population. Edirnie is also the home of the most famous annual Kirkpinar competition and another fascinating inland city which is a great choice for history lovers. It is one of the oldest Turkish settlements, dating back to the Neolithic age and the Ottoman Empire’s second largest city.

Konya is a central city further inland and is home to a Sufi festival every December annually. While the second capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul is well known, the first is not. It is Bursa, which is the Ottoman era Empire’s first capital, combining thermal springs in towns and skiing on the Uludag slopes. Mardin is an ancient Turkish city with a unique mixture of history and culture. It is a wonderful destination for those travelers looking to get the best, most cultural and historical motives.

Coastal Cities

The largest city in Turkey is Istanbul. It is the most well known cultural and financial center in the nation. Istanbul offers a wonderful way to manage when it comes to history, food, culture and entertainment. Antalya is the largest Mediterranean city.

It is also known as the Riviera of Turkey, offering close to three hundred days of sunshine, resort towns, luxury hotels, fantastic beaches, water-front bars and restaurants as well as shopping. Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city and the most important business on the Aegean coastline. Apart from facilities for entertainment, shopping support, business meetings and luxury hotels gives cities a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Cannakkale is a popular base for visiting the Troy ruins as well as Gallipoli, and these are popular destinations for a lot of tourists. Additionally, there is Trabzon on the Black Sea coast which has popular and ancient buildings like Hagia Sophia from the 13th century and the Sumela Monastery hugging the cliffs, so semitropical forested landscapes typify this region.